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QUERY: District AIDS Prevention Control Unit (DAPCU) and the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) - Experiences. REPLY BY 1 July 2009

The NACP-III aims at integration of HIV interventions in the NRHM framework for optimization of scarce resources and provision of seamless integrated health services. Moreover, NACP-III aims at ensuring long-term sustainability of interventions. Thus, setting up of DAPCU within the District Health Society, sharing administrative and financial structure of NRHM becomes a crucial programme strategy for NACP-III.

At www.nacoonline.org/upload/guidelines/DAPCU%20OG.doc are the operational guidelines for DAPCU. This document states that the DAPCU will ensure implementation and supervision of ongoing NACP-III activities related to care and treatment, and further facilitate civil society partnership at the district with NGOs, CBOs, Red Ribbon Clubs, PLHIV network, private sector organization and academic institutions working in the area of HIV in the district. Simultaneously, it will attempt to create a wider knowledge base in the district for effective prevention, detection, referrals and treatment strategies through convergence with the ongoing interventions of NRHM, RCH, and TB Control.  In addition, building a strong monitoring and evaluation system through the public health infrastructure in the district is on the anvil.

The success of the national response to HIV depends on the effect of HIV intervention programmes at the grass root level. Therefore, I would like to know from members of the AIDS Community their experiences with DAPCU. Specifically, as NACO would like to replicate the DAPCU initially in all the high prevalent states, we would like to know:
·         The legal, institutional, and procedural issues in setting up, as well as challenges faced in making the DAPCU functional,
·         What are the problems involved in manning the DAPCU, building their capacities, and delegation of administrative and financial powers,
·         The relationship with DM or Collector and District health society, their relationship with SACS and NACO,
·         Are the present guidelines prepared taking into account the existing institutional arrangements or does it require modifications?
·         What are the examples of integrated public health services that the DAPCU can follow to integrate NRHM, RCH and TB Control services with HIV prevention and Care?
·         What are the challenges faced in extracting, reporting and analyzing the data at the DAPCU level?

Thanking you in advance for sharing your experiences,

Alankar Malviya,
UNAIDS India Office,
New Delhi.

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