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Basic Resources

AIDS and Cancer (National Cancer Institute, NIH)
Provides information resources for the treatment of AIDS-related cancers and treatment research information, both for patients and for health professionals. En español

AIDS and Infections (MedlinePlus, NIH)
Because HIV suppresses the immune system, people living with HIV/AIDS are more susceptible to opportunistic infections and other disease. This resource is compiled by the National Library of Medicine and provides links to materials regarding AIDS and AIDS-related opportunistic infections. Materials are organized by categories and topics.

Clinical Guidelines (AIDSinfo)
Guidelines for antiretroviral treatment, maternal-child transmission, post-exposure prophylaxis, management of HIV complications, and testing are available from this resource. The clinical guidelines are updated regularly by a panel of HIV experts.

Living With HIV/AIDS Brochures (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
This resource contains a series of brochures from the CDC to help people living with HIV/AIDS maintain their health and avoid a number of opportunistic infections and co-infections.




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