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Basic Resources

Drug Dosing Toolkit (Veterans Administration)
Provides information about therapeutic drug dosing schedules, side effects and tips on taking medications. This resource is organized by drug name and includes both the brand name and generic name for most drugs.

HIV During Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, and After Birth (PDF - 169 KB) (AIDSInfo)
This series of fact sheets is intended for women who are HIV positive and pregnant or have recently given birth. These fact sheets describe the steps an HIV positive pregnant woman can take to preserve her health and prevent transmission of HIV to her baby.

HIV and Its Treatment: What You Should Know – Fact Sheets (PDF – 988 KB) (AIDSinfo)
This series of fact sheets provides comprehensive treatment information for those who are newly diagnosed with HIV. The fact sheets cover information about starting to see an HIV doctor, starting and adhering to a treatment regimen, and information about anti-HIV medications. En español (PDF – 460 KB)

Living with HIV/AIDS (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Although HIV is serious, people living with HIV and AIDS are living longer, healthier lives today, thanks to new and effective treatments. This booklet is for people living with HIV/AIDS and provides information to help people live longer and healthier.

Living with AIDS (Medline – National Library of Medicine, NIH)
The outlook for people living with HIV and AIDS is improving due to advances in treatment. This resource provides links to information that can help people living with HIV/AIDS live longer, healthier lives. This resource is organized by topics, including basics, nutrition, coping, disease management, research information, and reference materials.