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Canadian Pharmacy Prescriptions

Canadian pharmacies are doing out prescriptions like never before. When they are serving a huge domestic market, they are as well catering to customers in the US. These pharmacies in service out of Canada are filling out prescriptions for all from common cold to controlling blood pressure.

It is understood that they can able to read prescriptions given out by Canadian doctors for Canadian patients but what about the patients across the border living in the USA? In most of the cases, a Canadian doctor writes again the prescription given out by his US counterpart so as to make the whole process of filing out process officially permitted. In case of unlicensed or registered by government pharmacies, no one bothers as, prescriptions are not required just name the drug and they will ship it across to you. Negligence of some of the basic business ethics by certain firms has led to these pharmacies coming under the scanner of authorities both in the Canada and US.

In the US, fears have been increased over the risk to patients from sale of counterfeit drugs. These drugs may have inert components, which can cause significant harm to the body of the consumer. In some cases it has been found licensed drugs well past their expiry date were diverted to unlicensed retailers for sale across the internet. Cases of improperly manufactured drugs have also come to light.

According to the Canadian Medical Association, physicians should definitely conduct a physical exam and discuss the merits and risks related with consumption of a particular drug prior to it are prescribed. However, in case of various Canadian pharmacies this was not found to be the case. This was also made easier by desperate patients in the United States who were eager to buy anything offered cheap for different ailments without being concerned about its side effects.

A few Canadian pharmacies have however, implemented a lot of measures to gain trust of the customer based in US. Most prominent among them is arranging for a visit by a Canada based physician to the patient in US for investigative him before filling out a prescription. All this is happening for some time the business for Canadian firms is on the increase by leaps and bounds. Canadian firms are nowadays filling out prescriptions like never before. Some firms have claimed to have filled to the extent that 3000 prescriptions a day indicating the amount of business catered to by these pharmacies.

So irrespective of the some of the actions being planned to control these pharmacies, it only seems that these firms will carry on witness healthy growth rates.



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