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The Promise of Cancer Research

The Promise of Cancer Research

Doctors are conducting clinical trials (research studies in which people volunteer to take part).

Clinical trials are designed to answer important questions and to find out whether new approaches are safe and effective. Research already has led to advances, such as photodynamic therapy, and researchers continue to search for better ways to prevent and treat skin cancer.

For basal cell cancer, researchers are studying gene changes that may be risk factors for the disease. They also are comparing biological therapy with surgery to treat basal cell cancer.

People who join clinical trials may be among the first to benefit if a new approach is effective. And even if participants do not benefit directly, they still make an important contribution by helping doctors learn more about the disease and how to control it in other patients. Although clinical trials may pose some risks, researchers do all they can to protect their patients.

If you are interested in being part of a clinical trial, talk with your doctor. You may want to read the NCI booklet Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies. It explains how clinical trials are carried out and explains their possible benefits and risks.