Chinese medicine

China has made important offerings in the field of medicine and cure. There are lots of medications that instigated in China and have proved to be of immense help in healing people across the world. So according to the Chinese people, there is a universal life or energy called “chi” or “qi” that pervades the entire human body. As long as the flow of chi is even and unhindered, the person remains fit and healthy. But the moment there are indiscretions in the circulation of chi, health of the person receives a setback. So consistency in the current of chi should be maintained in order to remain healthy.

Chinese medicine, often known as Oriental medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), covers a huge array of folk medical practices based on mysticism. It holds the belief that the body’s vital energy (Qi) circulates in the body through channels known as meridians, with branches connected to bodily organs and functions. A disruption or imbalance of the Qi leads to illness. Ancient remedies such as Qigong, use of herbs and acupuncture are believed to restore the balance of the Qi.

The flow of chi can be systematized by pinching small needles in the human body at specific points. This treatment was termed as acupuncture. The basic principle behind acupuncture is to open the blockages for having a steady flow of energy throughout the body. Many diseases like asthma, problems in vision, paralysis, alopecia etc. find acupuncture a satisfying and good remedy. The diseases might not be completely gets eradicated but they are definitely controlled through the Chinese developed acupuncture therapy. The best point of acupuncture is that it has no side-effects; it’s harmless to go for it.

Chinese doctors have always accentuated the consequence of exercises. They also worked out a special method or style of exercising. This method was named as ‘qigong’. Qigong is deemed to bi-function as a fitness developing and attractive scheme along with a springboard for superior martial arts. A set of qigong exercises has acted as perfect medicine in many cases. Chinese herbs have something to offer in case of common cold, flu, fever and influenza etc.


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