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Digestive Enzymes

Anytime you cook food, you obliterate the enzymes found in that food. Raw food contains the enzymes that it needs to be totally broken down (digested) into nutrients. Consider example this: an apple falls from a tree and becomes bruised. This starts a procedure where the apple breaks down and finally digests itself, because the enzymes are doing their job. Take a second apple off the tree and eat it. It contains all the enzymes it desires to digest itself; all you need to do is chew the apple carefully enough to break down the cell walls and free the enzymes.

Take a few additional apples and make apple pie with them. Slice them up, add several sugar and spices, put them in a crust and bake it in the oven. You have just uncovered those temperature-sensitive enzymes to a temperature that will obliterate them completely. The amazing apple pie now has no enzymes, which means you body has to produce all the enzymes needed to digest the pie. The added sugar will raise the stress put on your digestive system.

If you bake, broil, steam, can, boil, microwave, pasteurize, genetically alter or development food, you destroy the enzymes initially found in that food. Where can you get the enzymes that your body needs to correctly digest your food?

Digestive enzyme supplements can help your body to correctly digest your enzyme-deficient food. Enzymes approach from living sources, namely animals and plants. What are the differences between the two sources? The largest difference is that only plant enzymes have the ability to predigest food; animal enzymes do not. Predigestion is a key part to healthy digestion. When you ate that raw apple, it supplied it’s possess enzymes to aid in digestion. Those food enzymes began digesting the food exact away. Supplemental plant enzymes provided with a meal work in agreement with your body's own enzymes to allow your body to predigest your food.

The upper section of the stomach is a holding tank for food until the main section of the stomach collects adequate acid to reach a pH of about 3. This process takes about 45 to 60 minutes. When food is accompanied by plant enzymes, the predigesting procedure is allowed to begin. This predigestion is talented to break down the food so during other stages of digestion the body does not have to work as firm; thus, pressure on the body is lessened.

Dissimilarity between plant and animal source enzymes is that plant enzymes work at a broad range of pH levels. Animal enzymes work at extremely limited pH levels. The broader the variety in which an enzyme works, the more food it can digest for a longer time.

When selecting your digestive enzyme supplement, believe the source of the plant enzyme and the types of food it digests. Enzymes are usually derived from Aspergillus’s, papaya and pineapple. The ideal source is Aspergillus.

There are four factors that trigger enzymes: optimum pH and temperature, type of food and water. We've already talked a bit about pH, now let's think temperature. To be most effective, the enzyme should labor most actively at body temperature (98.6 degrees). Enzymes derived from Aspergillus work best around this hotness. Enzymes from papaya or pineapple have their peak activity stage at 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Select an enzyme enhancement that will digest the food found in your meal. Briefly, here is what type of food every supplemental enzyme will digest:

--Amylase digests carbohydrates

--Protease digests protein

--Lipase digests fats

--Disaccharidases (such as lactase, invertase and maltase) digest sugars found in dairy, sucrose and grains

--Cellulose digests fiber


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