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A Trimaran is one, which consists of a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls attached to the main hull with lateral struts. The design and names for the Trimaran components are derived from the original proa constructed by native Pacific Islanders.

Trimarans have a number of advantages over comparable monohulls. Given two boats of the same length, the trimaran has a shallower draft, a wider beam, less hull area, and is able to fly more sail area. In addition, because of the wide beam, trimarans do not need the weighted keel required in monohulls. Thus, the trimaran offers much better straight-line performance than a monohull is able to sail in shallower water, and maintains its stability in stronger winds

trimarans are much safer than a monohull as the lack of a heavy keel, combined with the two (usually sealed) amas makes for a nearly unsinkable boat. Because of their stability and safety, trimarans such as the Challenger class have become popular with sailors who have restricted mobility.

Potential buyers of trimarans should look for one that is designed with multiple sealed partitions, controls that all run to the cockpit, a collision bulkhead, partial or full cockpit coverings or windshields, and drain holes in the cockpit that can adequately drain the cockpit quickly, among other things.


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