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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Medical technologist

A medical technologist (also known as a clinical laboratory scientist) is a specialized laboratory professional liable for performing medical tests. Medical technologists may grasp a four year bachelor's degree in the grassland, or a four year degree in a life science and a diploma from a certification course.

Medical technologists are permitted to use the credential "MT" after their names. Those specialized by the American culture for Clinical Pathology may use "MT (ASCP)". Extra certifications may also be used, such as the "SBB" (Specialist in Blood Banking) guarantee from the American Association of Blood Banks-accredited programs, or "H" (Hematology) or "BB" (Blood Banking). These can be appended to the official document, for illustration, "MT (ASCP) SBB".

In the United States, the Clinical Laboratory development Amendments defines the stage of qualification necessary to perform tests of various complexities. A medical technologist holds the maximum such qualification, and is in common qualified to do the most multifaceted clinical testing, such as HLA testing (tissue-typing) and blood type orientation testing.


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