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Saturday, October 07, 2006

American Medical Association

The American Medical Association (AMA) is the major association of medical doctors in the United States. AMA's point is to advance the interests of physicians, to endorse public health, to lobby for legislation positive to physicians and patients, and to raise cash for medical education.

The AMA publishes the periodical of the American Medical Association, which has the main circulation of any weekly medical journal in the world, nine medical field journals, and a weekly newspaper for physicians, the American Medical News. The AMA Physician Specialty Codes are a normal in the United States for identifying physician and practice specialties.

The allied American Medical Association Alliance is an organization of physicians and their spouses that is working to hold family medicine and to build fit communities.

The AMA Foundation provides around $1,000,000 annually in tuition assistance to economically constrained students. It funds consciousness projects about health literacy. It supports investigate funding for students and fellows around the US. It provides grants to population projects designed to support healthy lifestyles. The World scopes program has an objective of providing over 100,000 stethoscopes to third planet countries, donated from physicians and students.

Critics of the American Medical Association, including economist Milton Friedman, have asserted that the group acts as a government-sanctioned union and has attempted to raise physicians' wages and fees edge by influencing limitations on the deliver of physicians and non-physician competition. They declare that these actions have not only exaggerated the cost of healthcare in the United States, but have too have caused a decline in the excellence of healthcare.


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