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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The re-regulation of the pharmacy market

At the end of 2006 the Government appointed an inquiry on the re-regulation of the pharmacy market. The objective was greater efficiency, improved accessibility for consumers, price pressure, and safe and appropriate use of medicinal products.The inquiry delivered its final report on the reform of the pharmacy market to the Minister for Health and Social Affairs on 8 January 2008. It contains proposals that will enable actors other than Apoteket AB to retail both prescription and non-prescription medicinal products in pharmacies. One fundamental prerequisite is that a permit must be obtained from the Medical Products Agency by anyone wishing to retail in these products and that the business has access to pharmaceutical expertise.
The inquiry also proposes that the IT infrastructure be independent of Apoteket AB so that it can be accessible to all pharmacies regardless of owner. Finally, it proposes a new pricing model for medicinal products. The report is being circulated for comment. The final date for comment was 11 April 2008.The inquiry was also required to present proposals that would allow for the sale of a limited range of non-prescription medicinal products at locations other than pharmacies.


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