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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Talk To Your Pharmacist If You Want To Avoid Summer Horrordays

Millions of Brits are dicing with disaster and placing their health at risk when taking overseas holidays, research from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) reveals. The RPSGB's Holiday Health report, released today, shows our laid-back attitude to our wellbeing can quickly turn perfect holidays into perfectly ghastly experiences.

The RPSGB is urging Brits to visit their local pharmacy for holiday health advice and essential products before they head off on their summer holiday - after all, no one wants to be part of the 44 per cent who suffer from nasty insect bites, or the 40 per cent who find themselves struck down by diarrhoea while abroad.

Other common illnesses which can turn dream holidays diabolical include sunburn or heatstroke - causing misery to 37 per cent of British holiday-makers - headache or migraine (20 per cent) and vomiting or food poisoning (14 per cent).

Even more worryingly, the research shows half of all Brits who have travelled to countries where tropical diseases are prevalent have suffered illness or infection - yet one in nine says they do not take even basic medication and health essentials, like water purification tablets and insect repellent, with them on their travels despite these products being readily available at pharmacies.

The good news is many ailments can be avoided, or treated effectively, if members of the public go to their local pharmacy for products and advice before leaving for that well-earned holiday. Pharmacists are among the most accessible of healthcare professionals, with branches open in the high street at convenient times - often when GP surgeries are closed. In addition, many pharmacies also offer private consultation rooms. Research from the RPSGB shows 99 per cent of people can reach a pharmacy within 20 minutes.

The RPSGB's Head of Practice, Heidi Wright said: "Pharmacists are medicines experts and are ideally placed to help with your holiday health needs. It is important people visit their local pharmacy for a free consultation, and to stock up on health essentials, before embarking on their summer holidays."


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