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Friday, March 30, 2007


Herbal medicine is called as the herbalism. It is a traditional practice followed based on the plants and their extracts. It is medical term and it is also said as herbology, and phytotherapy. It relates to the concept medbotanics. The main purpose in usage of herbal medicine is to find remedy from the herbal based products. It is considered that the herbal medicines have the potential to cause adverse drug interactions when it is used has a combination with various prescription and any pharmaceuticals. Herbal medicines will be combined with other interactive drugs to find solution for any of the problem faced.

Herbal medicines are the natural medicines which will cure the disease without any side effects. During the olden days, most of the people use only this kind of medicine. Herbal medicines involve lots of care and have more effects on cure. Herbal medicine will combined together with the prescription medicine to have the same effect. It should be noted that herbal medicines should be avoided during pregnancy. It is necessary to be precaution at the time of usage of herbal medicines.

Generally all physicians will not be expecting in the usage of herbal medicines. Also they may not be familiar with the concept of combining the herbal medicines with the prescription medicines. General practitioner will make a research on the herbal medicines. The professional Medical Herbalist will be familiar with the commonly used medical drugs and their modes of actions. Therefore prescribe herbal medicines will surely help to find remedy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Chemotherapy is a chemical substance which is used to provide treatment for the disease of the patients. Nowadays, it is used to make treatment for the disease cancer. It is also called as cytotoxic drugs. During the past days, the term chemotherapy refers to antibiotic which is discovered to provide treatment for syphilis. It is also used for the treatment of autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The remarkable effect of cancer leads to the development of the drug chemotherapy.

The principles and research of the drug for the treatment cancer leads to discovery of the drug chemotherapy. Cancer becomes the uncontrollable disease due to loss of cells and tumours. Due to the overactive immune against the substances and tissues leads to damage of cells. To overcome this disease chemotherapeutic drug was innovated to work with the impairing mitosis to stop the damage of dividing cells. The cytotoxic drug causes damage to the cells. The chemotherapy drug controls cells division and tumours larger amount of targeted cells. It affects the younger tumours and regulates the cell growth effectively.

Sometimes the tumours cells respond less with the chemotherapy drugs. Solid tumours do not respond properly with the chemotherapeutic drugs. To avoid this problem radiation therapy and surgery were used. More number of strategies is used in chemotherapy drug today to provide treatment for the disease cancer. Chemotherapeutic drugs are used in radiation therapy and surgery to solve the other cancer treatments. Chemotherapy drugs are practiced with other different drugs to treat the disease of the patient. Chemotherapy treatment is required for the patient to make him capable for further treatment. It is used to measure the reduction of cancer in the patient.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Marketing Research of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and medicinal properties. Pharmacologist is the practitioner of the pharmacology. The pharmacologist makes researches on therapy, medical applications, and toxics or any other drugs. The pharmacologist will make a research on the pharmacology products and about their marketing. Pharmaceutical has been improved a lot with the technical advancement and requirements. Pharmaceutical research is an essential requirement to cure the diseases of the people and provide treatment under various sources.

Innovation has been done in large number for medicines and drugs using the advancement of technology to purify the disease of the patients. Pharmacology marketing is a trade activity which takes places to promote the products related to drugs and medicines in the market. Pharmaceutical marketing takes place when there is a demand in the market for a particular medicine or drugs. To provide treatment for any particular diseases, the pharmaceutical drugs and medicines are produced after making a research on the particular product. Pharmaceutical researcher will work on, to promote and market the pharmaceutical products.

Research has been takes place in pharmaceutical marketing to provide more useful services to the patients. Pharmaceutical market research has a wider scope to cure the diseases of the patients through marketing the products produced under a proper research. Making Development in medication will protect the patients against the death and any illness. Pharmaceutical research is to be conducted on production and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Only when pharmaceutical marketing takes place, more number of people can live without diseases. Many medicinal professionals produce the drugs and medicine to cure the diseases under proper research and study.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Prescription drug

A prescription drug is a approved medicine that is regulated by legislation to need a prescription before it can be obtained. The term is used to distinguish it from over-the-counter drugs which can be obtained without a prescription. Different jurisdictions have dissimilar definitions of what constitutes a prescription drug. As a universal rule, over the counter drugs are used to luxury conditions not necessarily requiring a doctor's care and will have been established to meet higher security standards for self-medication by patients. Often a inferior dosage of a drug will be approved for OTC use, while higher dosages will stay the province of a doctor's prescription; a prominent case is ibuprofen, which has been extensively available as an OTC pain killer since the mid-1980s but is still obtainable in doses up to four times the OTC dose for use in cases of severe orthopedic pain.

In the United States, the word "prescription drug" is most normally used, but they are also called legend drugs or Rx-only drugs, after the supplies of Federal and state laws that all such drugs bear a "legend" keeping out sale without a prescription; though more multifaceted legends have been used, on most unique drug packaging today the legend just says "Rx only". In the United Kingdom, they are referred to as Prescription Only Medicine or POM.

In the United States, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act describe what requires a prescription. Prescription drugs are usually authorized by doctors, though physician assistants and nurse practitioners do a rising amount of drug prescribing. It is usually required that an MD, DO, PA or NP write the prescription; nurses, tragedy medical technicians, psychologists (but not psychiatrists, who are MDs), as examples, do not usually have the authority to prescribe drugs. Unlike several other countries, the United States does not have cost controls for prescription drugs, and US drug prices are often apparent as inflated in contrast to other countries; therefore, most health insurance programs (normally partially or in full paid for by the patient's employer) have instruction payment plans where the patient pays only a small co-payment and the pharmacy is reimbursed for the break of the cost by the insurance company.