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Sailing yachts are divided into Weekender, Cruiser and Racer:-

They are small, sub-9.5 meter vessels often having twin keels or lifting keels. This allows them to operate in shallow waters for short journeys, lasting not more than 3 days. The single cabin in the Weekender consists of a saloon of bed space for 2-3 people. For large stores of water, there is very limited space. Heavy seas can overwhelm the small size of these vessels.

The most common in private usage, Cruisers are quite complex in design. There is enough interior space, good light wing performance, and on-board comfort.
The basic design structure is typical of the standard yacht types produced by the major yacht builders.

Racing yachts have very narrow hulls, which allow them to support a tall mast with a great sail area while keeping the drag of a wide hull to a minimum. The narrow hull design will become unstable and breaks the tall rigging in certain severe conditions.

Recent development in yachts
In recent years, private yachts have developed from fairly simple vessels with basic accommodation to sophisticated and luxurious boats. This is largely due to reduced hull-building costs brought about by the introduction of fibre-glass hulls, and increased automation and 'production line' techniques to yacht building.

Also the amount of electric equipment has been used on yachts. Even 20 years ago, it was not common 25 ft yacht to have electric lighting. Now all but the smallest and most basic yachts have electric lighting, radio and navigation aids. Thus the auxillary engine also performs the vital function of powering an alternator to provide electrical power and to recharge the yacht's on-board batteries.

Yachting for pleasure was formerly the province of the wealthy due to expense and the manpower required, but today has become the pastime of many worldwide. In Britain, the sport of yachting became widely popular in the late Victorian period.


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